The Rolling Hills and Charming Scenery of

Glen Williams

About the Community

The Credit River is a prominent feature running through Glen Williams and is enjoyed for the fishing and tubing opportunities it offers to anyone who stops by.  This quaint hamlet has an eclectic mixture of small, cottage-sized homes as well as multi-million dollar executive residences surrounded by rolling hills and charming rural scenery.

Home to the popular Canada Day Parade, Glen Williams’ residents are pleased to welcome visitors and neighbours at the local pub or bakery.

The village also provides amenities such as a corner store, book store, and antique market with many of these operated out of heritage storefronts.

In the center of town sits the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre where you’ll find the studios of more than 30 working artists. The on-site gallery features representative work from all of the artists using a wide variety of media. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, you’ve found the right place.

Additional Information

  1. Schools
    Type of School Name of School Website Ranking
    Elementary Glen Williams P.S. site N/A
    High School Georgetown D.H.S site rank
    Catholic Christ the King site rank
  2. Community Life

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Living in the Glen

Current Listings in Glen Williams

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