12 DIY Projects to help sell your home

Following these 12 projects can make a huge impact on your homes appeal to potential buyers.

Update Your Hardware… Spice up your cabinets and drawers by replacing factory-issue handles and pulls with designs that reflect your personal taste … and amazing style! For a unique, eclectic look, scour antiques shops for hardware pieces.

Patch Holes in Walls… Whether an art-arranging project went awry or you’re tired of looking at dings around the house, concealing wall blemishes is a weekend-worthy project. With a putty knife and surfacing compound, you can easily repair nail holes and other minor wall imperfections.  Paint over the patch when it is dry.

Install a New Faucet… Inject elegance into your daily life with a faucet that ups the ante in looks and quality. Just make sure the configuration matches your existing sink, or you might end up replacing that, too.

Put Dimmers on the Lights… Dimmer switches quickly give your room atmosphere.  If you like this idea check out previous page posts for other ways to make quick, lovable & valuable changes to your home! Stay tuned more ideas throughout the weekend.

Replace Your Showerhead… Choose a low-flow unit and you’ll get virtually the same sensation of water flow while saving money on your water bill. If your showerhead flow is already low (and shouldn’t be), check to see if hard-water deposits are clogging the holes.

Install/Redo Your Backsplash… Transform the mood of the kitchen with a bold new backsplash in ceramic or glass tile. Just make sure the wall is sound before you start the installation. We absolutely love this idea for being one of the best “bang for your buck” home improvements.

Swap Out the Sink… A new sink can energize a boring bathroom. Remember kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, not to mention the pleasure it will bring to you!

Dress Up Your Fireplace… If it’s time to replace that dingy 1970s-era mantel, choose one with enough depth to let you display pictures or other decorations. If you buy a ready-made mantel, don’t be afraid to paint it or add moldings.

Add Storage to Your Entry… If a traditional entry closet or a beautiful built-in shelving system is not an option in your home, refashioned furniture can achieve a look that’s equally stylish and storage wise.

Light Up the Kitchen… Dress up an eating area with a fresh light fixture. Replacing an existing fixture is your easiest option!

Give Your Yard a Boost… With flagstone, you can easily make an outdoor patio in a weekend – no mortar required! Add potted plants and outdoor seating, such as a bistro set or an eclectic mix of colourful chairs, to create a quaint backyard escape.

Add Molding… Living room, dining room, great-room: Any common area looks better with the finishing, defining touch of crown molding. If you live in a historic home, make sure your molding choices complement your home’s architectural style

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